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Dear Fellow Marketer,

We know what it's like to create a website and anticipate hordes of traffic and sales. After all, you worked hard and you expect people to seek out your product and whip out their credit card.

Unfortunately, it isn't that easy.

Generating targeted traffic to your website is one of the most important tasks internet marketers must tackle on a daily basis. It's also one of the toughest tasks we encounter because if done incorrectly it can be costly, frustrating and overwhelming, especially to new marketers.

So what can you do to get highly targeted traffic on the double?

If you've been part of the marketing circle for any length of time, you've no doubt heard of social bookmarking communities. These social sites have the potential to drive hundreds of unique visitors to your website at absolutely no cost to you.

And the best part is, it's instant traffic, meaning you don't have to wait days or weeks to see results!

But if you don't know how to use these social sites to your advantage you'll still be in the same boat... basically you'll be up a creek without a paddle... without any visitors to your website.


"The Quick-Start
Social Marketing Kit
Version 2"

2 Complete Step-By-Step Blueprints
to Get Your Social Marketing Started FAST!

StumbleUpon Exposed!

This Guide Will Show You Everything You Need To Know To Be Able To Create A Successful Stumble Upon Network With A 100% Positive Reputation And Consisent "THUMBS UP" From Every Visitor To Your Site!

In fact, "StumbleUpon Exposed" is a complete resource for anyone who wants to learn how to become a seasoned StumbleUpon pro, create a successful StumbleUpon campaign, maintain a positive reputation in the community and build their brand throughout the network all at the same time. 

In this 20 page guide you'll discover:

 Exactly How to Design Landing Pages so That They're Effective in Capturing the Attention of Your Stumblers

Remember, stumblers are like channel surfers, they flutter through website after website looking for something interesting. You only have a few minutes to catch their attention and this guide will show you how you can do that quickly and easily. 

 What NOT to Do in Your Stumbling Campaigns and Efforts

You have to understand the mentality of a stumbler and once you do, you will know exactly how to get them to push the "I Like It!" button which will generate massive traffic to your site... over and over again. 

 How To Boost Traffic Instantly With Simple Techniques

These are tried and true methods that will ensure absolute success when promoting your website within the StumbleUpon network. Ignore these methods and your website will NOT be seen! 

 How To Successfully Create A Paid Advertising Campaign

This section is for those who want to become a paid advertiser with StumbleUpon. Believe it or not, this site can send more traffic to your landing page than even Google advertising can, and at a rock bottom cost. The guide explains the entire process and how you can set up your campaign in minutes, at the lowest possible cost. 

 SureFire Methods To Converting Stumblers Into Regular Visitors!

Stumblers are prone to viewing a site and moving onto the next one.
StumbleUpon Exposed will show you easy techniques you can use to convert these stumblers into repeat visitors.



HubPages Tutorials

This Is Your Chance to Put HubPages To Use In YOUR Online Business and Get Massive Amounts of Highly Targeted FREE Traffic to ALL of Your Sites!

We're going to take you by the hand, help you open a HubPages account, create your very first HubPage and show you how to get hordes of visitors to your hub... all in this easy-to-follow video series!

Here's what you'll learn in the HubPages Video Tutorial Series:

Video 1:

"What Is HubPages?"

Running Time 3:29


Video 2:

"Creating An Account"

Running Time 5:27


Video 3:

"Finding a Product"

Running Time 4:05


Video 4:

"Creating A Hub"

Running Time 8:22


Video 5:

"Creating Traffic Internally"

Running Time 4:14


Video 6:

"Creating Traffic Externally"

Running Time 5:05


Video 7:

"Advanced Earnings"

Running Time 5:17

That's a total of 7 power-packed videos that will virtually eliminate the learning curve and have you flooding the HubPages Community with quality content and driving hordes of traffic to every Hub you publish!

But wait! We're not done yet!

You see, we truly want you to drive floods of targeted traffic to your website, so we're throwing in one more resource that will help open up the floodgates!

You'll Also Receive This Bonus...

Yahoo! Answers Traffic Guide

The Yahoo! Answers Traffic Guide will make it easy to launch a blog or website at no cost! Direct traffic to ANY page you wish within seconds - no waiting days or weeks for results!

If you can type, you can take control of your traffic using the Yahoo! Answers community. People post questions every minute of every day and by simply answering their questions quickly and thoroughly you will immediately see how effective this marketing technique can be.

Here's What You'll Uncover In The Yahoo! Answers Traffic Guide:

We'll take you step-by-step through the entire process from creating your account to generating traffic to ANY page you desire within minutes.
How to be the first to answer questions - every time! Get selected as the "Best Answer" time and time again!
How to build up your levels quickly to enjoy unlimited access to new questions.
How to locate specific niche-related questions that you can use to target visitors in your specialized categories and topics.
How to generate high quality traffic to your pages and avoid time-wasters! Send organic, active visitors to your website who are begging for more information!
How to use Yahoo! Answers to build your websites, locate hot topics, and conduct market research easily. Want to know what Internet users are looking for information on? It doesn't get easier than this!

Are you ready to send a surge of traffic to your website right now?

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