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Subject: Your Next 30 Days

From: Kathe Lucas
The Wacky Gal

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you are anything like we were when we first started attempting to make money online you're probably ready to pull your hair out... or worse, just give up.

While there is no doubt a ton of information available that can tell you what you need to do, attempting to sort through it all without getting information overload is next to impossible. It's a wonder that anyone trying to make money online doesn't give up after the first 30 days. And sadly, many do...

What you are about to experience is a step-by-step process that will allow you to take the guesswork out of the equation. This is NOT a get rich overnight system - they do not exist.

We do not deal in get rich overnight systems. In all our years online, we have never seen one that is real.

But if you are looking for a REAL course on generating income online, then read on...


This is NOT the only way to
make money on the internet!

There are thousands of different paths you can choose. Some require more work than others and some cost more money than others.


The way we are about to show you is one that will not cost you a dime of your own money if you do not want it to. The only investment is the cost of this course and your time!

These methods can be followed by using strictly free resources. You can, of course, speed up the process by spending a little bit of your own money, but it is by no means necessary.


Make Money Online In 30 Days

There is no rocket science to this method. All it takes is willingness to devote time, follow clear instructions, do some work and you can make money.

You Can Duplicate This System Over And Over
And Continue To Earn Money From Each!

We are not going to show you a bunch of screen shots of money. You may do much better or worse than others who have used this system. It all depends on how much effort you put into it. Since we do not know your work ethics or how much time you have to invest, we cannot tell you how much you can make. That is impossible, and we will not mislead you with promises. Only you have control of your actions!

Even semi-lazy people should be able to make this work
spending about 2-3 hours per day...

This method was tested on a guy with a regular day job and 3 kids. He had no internet marketing experience and still made money. The first sale came in about the 10th day. By the 30th day he had a total of 23 sales. Not bad for someone who had never sold a single thing online...

Due to new FTC guidelines we must add: Above results not typical

At first it may take you a little longer, but as you get comfortable doing the steps you will find that your speed will increase. You can duplicate this system over and over! And you will find that each time it becomes easier and faster.

In the last chapter of the PDF manual you will find information on how to outsource the workload. There is also no rocket
science to outsourcing work either. A few tips will get you on the road to automated profits.

Let's review the "how to" videos that will assist you in making the system work for you, even if you have little online experience:

The Videos Below Are Not In Order Of Usage, But Are Only Listed To Cover The Subjects.

How To Video Number One

Setting up the free Blogger service the correct way to maximize your earnings protential.
How To Video Number Two

How to use Dapper to make this system work for you by getting your product in front of buyers.
How To Video Number Three

Clickbank Market Place. This has been covered in many videos, but you will need to use it correctly.
How To Video Number Four

Using Ezine Articles to optimize your pages so you will get quickly indexed in the seach engines.
How To Video Number Five

Using the free FTP program FileZilla to get files from your computer to the internet.
How To Video Number Six

How to get your account on Hubpages set up and optimized for this system.
How To Video Number Seven

Using Pingoat to notify many other sites that you have new content ready to be indexed.
How To Video Number Eight

How to save many hours using a free service to notify the top social bookmarking sites.
How To Video Number Nine

We will also need to set up your account and pages at the very popular Squidoo site.
How To Video Number Ten

How to tap into Yahoo Answers and use it to your advantage the right way.
How To Video Number Eleven

Setting up your free blog at the solid sevice offered from WordPress. They host your blog at no charge.
How To Video Number Twelve

I take you a little deeper into the WordPress free blog setup in this advanced usage video.
How To Video Number Thirteen

Optional Step: Registering a domain name. You do not have to do this, but just in case...
How To Video Number Fourteen

Optional Step: Obtaining and setting up a hosting account. This may be something to consider later.

14 Videos In Flash Format With A Total Run Time Of 114 Minutes


We know that many people use their moble devices to work with "how to" videos. It can save a lot of time.

Simply set up your Ipod beside your computer and play the video while working. You do not have to move windows around or stop and start the video while working.

All 14 Videos Are Provided In Mobile (m4v) Ready Format!

You will also get a easy to follow PDF workbook. It is a step-by-step manual broken down into days with a checklist to help you stay focused...

How To PDF Manual and
Daily Checklist Workbook

This 40 page PDF workbook will walk you through each day's tasks.

It is broken down into days with a checklist to use. As you complete each step, check it off and move on!

"Easy To Follow Day By Day!"

WAIT! We're Not Finished Yet... Get This Brand New 100 Page Report Designed Just For Newbie Online Marketers!

Get This Brand New Report
"Online Marketing For Newbies"

If you cannot afford a successful internet marketing mentor...

You may waste TONS of money trying to grasp the basic fundamentals of starting your own profitable online business.

But Now You Don't Have To Make Those Costly Mistakes!
In this 100 page report you will discover the proven internet marketing fundamentals. It's a report we wish we had way back when...

Here is a small sample of what you will find in this report:

Discover why more than 90% of new marketers fail to make money online and what YOU can do to avoid becoming just another statistic!

Find out why so many people get scammed every day and what you need to know to protect yourself from scammers.

Why you have to avoid information overload and how you can accomplish it.

The importance of having the right mindset in internet marketing and how YOU can develop the right mindset.

How to decrease your expenses and increase your profits.

When it is best to avoid the experts and think for yourself!

Discover the important differences between online and offline marketing that every internet marketer should be aware of!

How to plan for success.

Why YOU are the expert!

How to use the power of leverage in online marketing.

Find out what all successful internet marketers have in common and how you too can join their ranks!

Ok, we have shown you what is included in this package, but there is one more thing we want to point out.

We Believe In Total, 100% Honesty So Read Below...

Your first check from Clickbank will take a few weeks to arrive, so don't expect to be paid for about 45 days from the time you start. But once the ball is rolling, you will get paid every two weeks. There is also the possibility that they will hold some of your money in reserve. This is the way Clickbank works, but they pay and on time at that! Review their payment info by clicking here.

Now, the money part...

How much is the "30 Day Blueprint To Profit For Newbies?"

Before we tell you, we want to say this: the price should be in the $67 ballpark. It is worth every penny and actually, much more. You will be hard pressed to find a business plan that really works for less than $500.

But we know times are hard, so you are not going to pay anywhere near that. Not even close...

We're going to let you have the complete "30 Day Blueprint To Profit" system for the small and totally insane price of $5.00!

Now, you may be thinking for such a small cost it will not work, but you better think again. If you follow the system, it will work.

So get your copy right now... This is a new product with video tutorials included that will help you get on track to making money!

ONLY $5.00

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Due to the low, Wacky price there will be no refunds.

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HERE. Our Support Desk responds within 24 business hours or sooner!

Here's to your first real paycheck online!


Kathe Lucas
The Wacky Gal

P.S. Now, go make some money and show the world what you can do!
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